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Escalate Filtration Efficiency

Nothing Like It Elsewhere

Only at PKT Filter Inserts LTD in Calgary, Alberta will you find the best diesel engine oil filter insert for your personal, recreational, service, utility or delivery vehicle. If you own a Mercedes Benz ML CLASS (TALL FILTER)( URL BELOW INSTALLATION) right click and copy or Sprinter (SHORT FILTER) large filter will fit with air filter box modification  or OM642 with a V6 engine, OM651 engine 4 cylinder sprinter engine.  this is one product you must have.

Contact me today to make a purchase or to ask about pricing and shipping details. For your convenience, I accept payments via PayPal 

   OM642 engine from 2010   425.00 US includes shipping USA all in one kit.   OM651 engine kit  ​650.00 US spin on oil filter not included. only US funds 


Ask for Recommendations

For in-depth information on my new product, contact me. Let me know your concerns so that I could be able to make the appropriate recommendations.

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